Daytrading Recap for Feb 16, 2018

While Friday is generally known to be a slow day in the stock market, as traders are closing their positions for the weekend, I was able to make over $3,000 in realized & unrealized daytrading gains.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 5.08.56 PM

Most of the gains came from $SGLB, which is a company that develops and commercializes manufacturing and materials technologies. The decision to play $SGLB was, however, based on a technical standpoint: wedge formation on the daily with price riding the 8EMA. MACD was showing a bullish divergence as well, and coined with a shooting CMF, I knew there was a lot of buying pressure. I knew a break of 20EMA (the red line on the chart below) at $1.64 would spark a run, so I gave it a shot. Although it ran to $1.86 and got rejected by Kijun (of the Ichimoku), I (alongside subscribers) was able to play it from low $1.60s to $1.82 for about $1600 gains.


Other profitable plays were $RXII ($3.38 to $3.72), $YTEN (swing), and $RMGN, which I’m still holding. RMGN and YTEN have a similar bottom setups like SGLB–hence why I think they’ll be big next week.